Working with Owners and Management Teams

We have a long history of working with Business owners and management teams seeking:

— growth capital
— a liquidity event
— a recapitalization

Aligned Relationships

Strong, Long-Term Partnerships with Existing Owners and Management

People are the primary drivers for increasing revenue, earnings, and value. Believing this, we look proactively at a company’s benefits, training programs, and incentives systems, as investments in human capital. We believe aligning the interest of the ownership group and management team in equity-based compensation for the management team can be a useful tool.

We pursue investments with strong management teams that provide opportunities to build strong, long-term partnerships with existing owners and management.

The ideal management team will have meaningful experience and a demonstrated history of success.

We seek to build aligned relationships where management is properly incentivized to execute on their strategies and growth plans.

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AJ Manufacturing · Jan 2005
Specialty Doors and WIndows
(Private Equity Sponsored Management Buyout)