Our Investment Criteria

Broad flexibility that enables us to provide capital solutions tailored to each unique situation and which accommodate the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.


Annual Revenues Between $10 Million and $100 Million, with Annual EBITDA Between $2 Million and $10 Million

Marquette’s team is built around understanding the needs of companies in the lower-middle-market.

These are companies that have generally overcome obstacles to reach their current size, but which could benefit from an infusion of capital and our expertise to reach the next stage of their growth.

They are also usually nimble enough to have substantial growth opportunities.


Management Teams with a Strong Track Record, Financial Incentives, and Appropriate Systems and Controls

We depend on the strong capabilities of our portfolio companies’ management teams.

We look for management cohesion, and we seek to learn how the management team worked together to overcome past obstacles.


Private, Closely Held and Often Family Owned Companies

Many companies in the lower-middle-market are private and closely held but have limited capital raising options.

We understand the needs of these kinds of companies and we find that the interests of their owners are usually closely aligned with our own.

U.S. Companies

Business and/or Ownership Groups Located In The Continental United States

We manage our portfolio from our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a strong referral network in the upper Midwest, where most of our early investments were based.

With the growth of our firm, capabilities, and portfolio, we have opened up to investing in new geographies throughout the continental United States.

Market Position

Niche or Market-Dominant Businesses

We prefer niche or market-dominant businesses with stable or growing demand for products; durable competitive position and realistic growth plans; and diverse mix of products, customers, geographic markets, and suppliers.

Offering the most predictable cash flows, companies with these characteristics are in a position to provide realistic growth plans and are consistent with our conservative investment philosophy.


Manufacturing, Service, or Distribution Businesses with Low Technology Risk

Simply put, companies in these sectors are where we have the most experience and are able to have the most positive impact.


Stable or Growing, Predictable Earnings and Cash Flow with an Appropriate Capital Structure

We invest in companies with a solid financial foundation for the company’s growth plans.


Owners' Objectives Aligned with Ours

We depend on ownership and management groups with whom we share similar objectives for the company’s growth, as we typically have no involvement in day-to-day operations.


Positive Financial, Operating, and Competitive Trends

We never assume that current trends will last for the full period of our investment.

We do, however, look for positive financial, operating, and competitive trends that provide an important tailwind for our portfolio companies.

Marquette's investment offered a great deal of flexibility and gave us opportunities for continued substantial growth.

Dan Frederickson, Co-Founder UV Color