Working with Private Equity Groups

We support private equity firms through direct investments into privately held companies. We have assisted with a variety of buyout, recapitalization, and growth transactions.

Beneficial Partnerships

Direct Investments into Privately Held Companies

The private equity firms we work with vary both in fund size and industry experience. This variation coupled with our flexible debt structure allows for a diverse range of investments with a large number of potential co-sponsors.

We seek to have high level of cohesion with the firms we work with to develop creative solutions to any challenges faced throughout the life of the investment.

We are always searching for new, like-minded private equity firms to partner with.

Contact Us to Discuss How Our Partnership Could be Mutually Beneficial

AbleConn ยท Mar 2006
Aerospace Electronics Assemblies
NEW HOPE, MN (Co-Sponsored Leveraged Buyout)